The Fashionable Cardigan

pullover-dumb-and-dumber-cardiganAre you constantly mussing up that perfect hairdo by taking off your sweatshirt?  Losing your favorite earrings by snagging on your sweater simply because you’re a bit warm.  Going from a G rating to an R simply because your sweatshirt demands to hold on to your undershirt while you innocently try to shed a layer? Are the fashion police demanding that you “pullover”?  Join the war on bad style faux pas by stocking up on some designer cardigans and button down in style!


The cardigan is such a versatile garment with the ability to be worn in practically any setting by any person.  From informal to formal, winter weather or sunshine, this garb is comfortable and attention-grabbing.  Keep the warmth in with a knit wool cardigan in the chilly seasons or shield the skin from that harsh sun with a lightweight cotton cardigan.  With thousands of combinations of fabrics, buttons, and colors, you’ll be sure to find that more than one of these button-up sweaters will satisfy your particular style.
earl of cardigan
Originally, the cardigan’s design was said to be modeled after the British officers’ waistcoat of the mid-1800s and named after James Thomas Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan.  This knitted wool garment gained popularity after Brudenell led a charge at the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War. From Major General Brudenell and his Charge of the Light Brigade to the famous Mr. Rogers welcoming you to his neighborhood, this piece of clothing has been very active in pop culture.

The cardigan has even made its way into the headlines of today.  The clothing designer Ralph Lauren was commissioned for the 2014 Winter Olympics to design the wardrobe the United States athletes.  Team USA’s opening ceremony cardigan is a collage of stars and stripes and patriotic symbols. Team-USA-Cardigan This limited-edition button-up wool cardigan made waves at the Sochi Olympics this year with a price tag of 598.00 US dollars with 100% of the proceeds being donated to the U.S. Olympic Committee.  They are officially sold out at the Team USA ralph Lauren website, but some are selling on EBay with a bit of a markup.