The Warmth and Appeal of Lace Cardigans

Cardigans will never be out of season. Whatever is the season, wearing a cardigan will keep you in style and trendy.  If you are looking for a sexier type of cardigan, the lace cardigan is certainly the one you are looking for.  These vary in style and purpose. A thin and almost transparent black lace cardigan would be better used for added appeal and to complement an outfit. Then there’s the warmer crochet lace cardigan with its traditional look.

lace cardigan

Cardigans are made out of a specialized openwork fabric that was patterned out of open holes intricately made through hand or machines. Traditionally, the preferred materials in making a lace cardigan were gold, silver, linen or silk. This type of cardigan aims to be stunning, a perfect adornment for any lady wanting some added appeal. Let us see the popular types of lace cardigans below.

Lace Knit Cardigan

Lace Knitting is described as a method through stable “holes”.  It is arranged in the fabric with an admirable aesthetic value. Since that lace is considered the summit of knitting due to its complexity; a lace knit cardigan can be as famous as the Shetland knitting’s wedding ring perfected shawl. This has become well known in England since the reign of Queen Victoria.  Lace knit cardigans are usually easily to deform that makes it fitted in every draped. A lace knit cardigan is ideal in cold seasons, worn together with a printed or plain warm fabric dress. In summer you may use it with shorter sleeves and go out loud with a floral dress, blouse with mini skirt and pants.

black lace cardigan

Crochet Lace Cardigan

This type of cardigan was made out of an art called crochet that is a kind of lace considered as a “true lace”.  It is characterized by finer threads and the stitch is more decorative. You will be enjoyed looking at a cardigan with flowing lines and scalloped edges. It always rises up interests to the observers.  They called this a “lacy” look.  Making crochet lace cardigans is more time saver that a lace knit cardigan. Some of the popular patterns include the Irish crochet, filet crochet and a modern style pineapple crochet.

Wearing a lace cardigan brings life to any plain colored dresses or blouses. You can have a long sleeve or a shorter one. The creative of its art crochet is significantly admirable when paired it any kind of clothing. During summer time with a lighter fabric it can be outside clothing for bikini or any swim wear. A crochet lace is a favorite material for casual dress, sleeping gowns and more.

Today, lace cardigans are popularly used to attract and allure while getting all warm and cozy. There are some designs that are simply to complement the top and give no protection against cold at all. Hence, these are popular clothing items for women and any lady would likely have one in their wardrobe. Get one and see the different functions of a lace cardigan in terms of giving you more options in wearing particular attire.