Sweater Vests For Fashionable Protection

Living in a place where it’s cold and wet will require you to take up the right protection by getting the right clothing. Hence, we all want to achieve that in a fashionable manner. We don’t want to wear something plain and boring. One of the more-fashionable clothing to stay warm today is the good old sweater vest!

sweater vest

Sweater vests have been around for quite a long time. It is a popular knitwear with the usual stripe or argyle pattern. It is basically a sleeveless sweater that you can wear with a shirt or other tops to give you added warmth. Hence, the designs, patterns and kinds of fabric used in making these are now plentiful. It can make you look formal like a black cardigan sweater vest over long sleeves or look casual with a plain pullover sweater vest. Either way, there are many choices when it comes to the variety of sweater vest for men and also for women that you will surely find one that will suit your taste.

Being Fashionable With Sweater Vests

If you are not careful, wearing one can make you look plain or geeky unless that is what you want to achieve. There are many elegant ways on how you can put on a sleeveless sweater that is fashion expert approved. Following all these helpful tips will help you maximize the use of your sweater vests.

  • Traditional Dress Up – A sweater vest is perfect with a pair of shorts or khaki pants. Wear it over a polo shirt for a bit preppy look. Also when it is colder outside, you can wear it with a buttoned long sleeve shirt. This dress up is great for work or for playing golf in the cold countryside.
  • Casual Dress Up– If you want to tone down the fashion a bit, you can use your vest together with pair of jeans. Wearing a shirt and overlapping the sweater vest is also another popular way of getting a casual look. For a cooler look, you do not have to tuck in the shirt with this attire. But, ensure that your jeans suit your vest and that are not very light or very dark in color.
  • Dressier Dress Up – Wear your best sweater by dressing a tie together with a polo shirt under and pair of slacks. A pair off of good dress shoes and nice belt will complete and seal this fashionable outfit. This dress up is perfect for dressing to an exciting night out or office.

These are just a few fashion tips you can follow in wearing a sweater vest. Whether you are protecting yourself from cold weather or just want to dress up for fashion sake, sweater vests can both give a sense of fashion and warmth. With these clothing popular and easily available, you can simple shop online or at your favorite boutique or clothing store nearby. If you are planning to opt for a knitted one, inspect the clothing thoroughly and ensure it was knitted well. Overall, a sweater vest is an important addition to your wardrobe if you live in colder places. You simply need to have one ready for colder days.